Sept. 25 letter sets record straight on ‘peaceful protest’ at Cor Jesu

To the editor:

Ceal Parchomski’s letter to the editor in the Call’s Sept. 25 issue was appreciated for setting the record straight.

There was indeed a woman with a sign supporting Cor Jesu Academy at the “peaceful protest” outside Cor Jesu Friday, Sept 5. Her sign said, “God Loves Cor Jesu & St. Michael defend us in our day of battle.”

Gloria Lloyd’s article about that event mentioned that the two fired teachers did not want their story to be publicized. Olivia Reichert and Christina Gambaro might have said that.

However, in my opinion, if they truly wished for it to remain unpublicized they would have resigned after their trip to New York to marry because they knew they were breaking their contract. It appears they wanted to force the hand of Sister Barbara Thomas, Cor Jesu’s president.

According to Marek Bozek, it’s OK to pick and choose which teachings of the Catholic faith to support and still call yourself Catholic. This type of “cafeteria Catholic” is not an authentic Catholic, but rather an “alternativist,” according to Pope Francis. “They have a partial belonging to the church … (and) have one foot outside the church.”

As a Catholic, I applaud the woman supporting Cor Jesu and Sister Barbara Thomas. They both acted courageously in standing up for our faith. I consider them an inspiration.

Brenda Rupp