Section 8 source-of-income laws not appreciated by this homeowner


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The latest version of Better Together now comes as a change to the Section 8 restrictions. Remember that the old version was to let the state put a burden on St. Louis. Now the new one will put a burden on the 6th District of St. Louis County.

The new idea restricts the homeowner from asking anything about lawful source of income. That will be against the law. If I go to buy a car, the final question would be “How are you going to pay for this?”

This bill is both unlawful, as it discriminates against one area of St. Louis County — unincorporated land — and is immoral because it makes an effort to move folks that are suffering from poor low-income housing in North County to other areas.

Since District 6 is 95 percent unincorporated, that means South County.

I also believe that this is another way of gerrymandering poor folks.

And I believe it is a means to change the political makeup of the 6th District.

And that will also affect the gains for the African American residents as it will dilute their hard-earned progress to attain some say-so in the political arena.

The transferees will lose their friends, schools, churches and cemeteries.

Don’t just move a problem, fix it.

Bill Kuhlmann
South County, 6th District

Editor’s note: Mr. Kuhlmann is the membership chair of the Tesson Ferry Republican Club