School officials had foresight in keeping Mehlville in higher reserves

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

During my seven years working in the Mehlville School District communications department, I’d often hear people complain about the amount of money put into the district’s reserve fund.

Former board member Rich Franz led the attacks, pushing to only keep the state minimum in the account and somehow return the rest to district residents. Why in the world do you need all that money, Franz and his friends would (loudly) ask.

Maybe for an unforeseen medical crisis that shuts down school systems and causes a financial meltdown in every state?

Thanks to the superintendents and CFOs who refused to give in to the pressure, the Mehlville district is in a much stronger financial position to weather this storm and continue providing high-quality education to the children of the community.

John Wolff
Concord Village

Editor’s note: Mr. Wolff served as the communications director for the Mehlville School District and since 2012 and retired last year. Read an article on Mehlville’s financial status on here.