School board elections shouldn’t be single-issue votes

Letters to the Editor


To the editor: 

I want all children to read. Reading is the backbone of living. I want all children to have a sense of belonging, true belonging because of who they are. I want our students to have free access to literature. I want children to learn history through a variety of lenses. Lenses are what allow us to build empathy and understanding. I want our students to learn how to think critically and creatively, because we are preparing them for jobs that don’t even exist yet. I want our students to get social and emotional learning and support, especially as we are still in a pandemic and the world at large has changed dramatically and has affected each of our students in different ways. I want our children to learn how to collaborate and work together because those skills are crucial in today’s world.

We shouldn’t look at this school board election and vote on one single issue while ignoring the rest. Each candidate brings a host of ideas and opinions to the table, not just one.

On April 5 I will be voting with all of these issues in mind and I will be voting for Jen Miller and Julia Voss.

Aisha Hasan
Sunset Hills