Sappington Foundation looks forward to addition of cabin in historical park

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Thank you to Mr. Charles Harter who inquired in a Letter to the Editor about the relocation of the 1816 Joseph Sappington log house to Crestwood’s Sappington Park at 1015 S. Sappington Road, 63126, in the Nov. 25 edition of The Call. 

The house will fit between the back of The Barn restaurant and Library of Americana and Decorative Arts. The two-story log house will parallel the gray cinder-block wall of the industrial park, somewhat obscuring it. The shed will be moved as will some foliage. See the drawn star on the site map.

Neither the view of the pond from The Barn or parking lot spaces will be diminished. The house in the Affton area soon will be dismantled, to be raised again after a foundation is poured in 2022 near cousin Thomas’ brick home. The Sappington House Foundation appreciates your support, and we look forward to you and many others observing the progress of this historic preservation project.

Sally Cakouros

Editor’s Note: Sally Cakouros is the resident manager of the Thomas Sappington House.