Saddened, offended by Robinson’s comments

To the editor:

I’m sure that Crestwood mayoral candidate Roy Robinson is a good person, but listening to his comments at the mayoral forum on March 23 I began to question if Crestwood would be the best place for my young family if he is elected.

Several times during the debate he im-plied that current Mayor Tom Fagan’s full-time job and young family distract him from running the city.

Once during the exchange he actually questioned the city’s need for access to technology when, in his opinion, pencil and paper would suffice. In support of his claim that the city has been spending beyond its means for years, he included expenses associated with our wonderful aquatic center. I was more than just shocked at such comments, I was saddened and offended that a candidate would have so little concern for the younger residents of our city.

Well, Mr. Robinson, Crestwood is home to all ages and needs to provide for all ages.

Criticizing Mr. Fagan for balancing time between his mayoral responsibilities, professional career and family life is mean-spirited and an insult to all working parents who wear many hats. Implying that investment in technology in today’s high-tech world is irresponsible leads me to question your ability to envision the future.

Ours is a city that has always opened its arms to young families, but I fear that could change under a Robinson administration.

My family loves Crestwood and would like to stay, but we’ll be forced to reconsider if Mr. Robinson’s views become the norm.

Rich Bland