Ryan’s election will end ‘wasteful shenanigans’

To the editor:

Another story about the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s financial misdeeds has come to light — this time reported as the “top story” on NewsChannel 5 and by the Post-Dispatch.

The latest drama involves a former paramedic who has received $424,616 in disability payments since an injury in 1995.

Although he is being compensated $35,000-plus a year for permanent injuries that prevent him from working as a paramedic, evidence shows that he has recently completed physically demanding training for his current position in a local ambulance district. Despite the accounts of those involved, he claims that he didn’t participate in the class and wasn’t pictured in a newspaper photo documenting the training.

Now consider that roughly 85 percent of the MFPD workers earn $100,000-plus in salaries and benefits as reported in the Call March 8, and you’ll see that enough is enough.

Although MFPD Directors Aaron Hilmer and Bonnie Stegman have worked hard for reform, their efforts have been hindered by retiring board member Dan Ottoline. The April 3 election is crucial to finally ending these wasteful shenanigans.

Consider the facts, voters, and join me in electing Ed Ryan to the MFPD board.

Amy Fix