Rugby fields in Sunset Hills will bring problems: Traffic, lights, noises


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Preserve Bander Park. Preserve our community. Keep Sunset Hills safe.

Traffic, light and noise pollution, unrestricted usage, alcohol sales, frequent flooding, wetlands development — these are just a few of the problems with the proposed rugby complex at the former Sunset Hills Golf Course.

This isn’t just a few recreational fields in a city park; this is a privately owned complex with four fields, lights, 200 parking spaces and unrestricted operation. Teams will come from all over St. Louis and beyond.

Cars will come and go in waves. This will produce dangerous and disruptive traffic throughout West Watson, Weber Hill, Rott, Robyn and the fatal West Watson/ Gravois intersection.

There are no restrictions on the usage of the site to address hours of operation, sound, lighting, subleasing, parking, flood recovery, policing, maximum capacity, road maintenance, and no tax revenue from ticket sales and concessions.

Residents overwhelmingly preferred passive use — walking trails, fishing, biking, et cetera — according to the resident survey, so why did Sunset Hills preemptively lease 20 acres to a rugby club inviting traffic, lights and noise?

Bottom line – this facility threatens our safety, property values, and peace and quiet. Just say no to this folly, Sunset Hills residents. Contact the Board of Aldermen and the mayor today.

John Stephens
Sunset Hills