Romney’s business background needed in White House, reader says

To the editor:

This is a response to Mr. Hoffstetter’s Sept. 27 letter to the editor. In his letter, he states why he thinks Mitt Romney would not make a good president.

Mr. Hoffstetter feels that someone with a business background would make a poor government leader. I feel just the opposite.

From my 40-plus years in the workplace, I have worked for a number of companies.

The most successful business leaders are not dictators, as Mr. Hoffstetter claims.

They are people who inspire you to do the best job you can. They also encourage teamwork so the organization can provide its goods or services in a timely and efficient manner. To me, these attributes are needed in our government leaders.

Under President Barack Obama, our debt has increased by more than $5 trillion. Mr. Hoffstetter claims that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are major contributors to the debt.

This is not the case. According to the National Priorities Project, the total cost of these two wars since 2001 is about $1.38 trillion.

The huge increase in debt is due to President Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility.

One example of this is the increase in government jobs while tax revenues were decreasing. One year after the stimulus, the federal government gained more than 400,000 jobs while the private sector lost 2.5 million jobs.

The office of president should be held by someone who has respect for the law. President Obama has little respect for the law. His Department of Justice refuses to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws and voter-identification laws.

According to the Constitution, the president is supposed to submit a budget to Congress each year. Since he was elected president, Mr. Obama has submitted only one budget and it was vetoed by a vote of 97-0.

It is time for a change.