‘Right overcomes might’ in MFPD board election, letter writer says

To the editor:

Right overcomes might — the residents of Mehlville have spoken.

Despite thousands of dollars spent on ad campaigns, dirty tactics and distortions perpetrated by Mike Klund’s union backers, all was disregarded by the community residents who followed the accomplishments of Aaron Hilmer.

As union memberships decline and union members themselves are troubled by their dues being used for political candidates they may not support, principled members enter the ballot box and vote conscience and candidates who have the best interest of the community at heart.

As we look at the national political scene and see the destruction of property, the war-like demonstrations and the thuggish tactics and threats that these union bosses have pushed their members to create, it becomes obvious to the average taxpaying citizen that there is a total disconnect between the taxpayer and these political machines.

The moneys spent to defeat Aaron Hilmer would have been better spent on benefits given to their members — perhaps a reduction in membership dues. The new eye-opening public is reclaiming its power at the ballot box despite the union chiefs — not members — acquiring vast funds from national unions and spending astronomical amounts of money to defeat conservative candidates. Lies only serve to disrespect the membership. A letter signed by the Executive Board of Mehlville Local 1889 of the International Association of Fire Fighters states, “… (I)t takes two things to win an election: money and votes.”

Sadly, money has bought many elections. Voters’ most important role in going forward is to know the candidates, what they stand for, what values they possess and not be fooled by a money machine and a slick-talking candidate whose hallmark of candidacy is to vilify his opponents.

We need to get back to the values upon which this country was founded: honesty, integrity and fiscal responsibility, among many other valued characteristics.

Our country is in crisis and an attitude adjustment is long overdue.

Sue Jernigan