Letter writer has concerns about Mehlville School District’s ‘no-tax-rate-increase’ bond issue

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

This week we received a letter outlining the proposed Mehlville School District bond proposal. 

For the most part, the work seems reasonable. Although the cost is $2.4 million per year for the term of the bonds, it is described as a “no-tax-increase” proposal because the Board of Education is voluntarily decreasing the operating levy by an equal amount. My concern is the “no-tax-increase” description.

By retiring the COP (certificates of participation) leases, the board appears to be freeing up about $9 million and will use about $6.6 million for operating needs, leaving $2.4 million voluntarily deferred. How long will it be until these additional funds are needed for operations? At that point, the “no tax-increase” bond proposal is, in effect, a tax increase. This could be done at any time.

To be totally transparent, the board should either commit to maintain the voluntary decrease thru the term of the bonds or quit selling the proposal as a “no-tax-increase.”

Richard Kirschner