Retired educator responds to ‘misinformation’ about teachers’ pensions

To the editor:

This is in response to Aaron Hilmer’s “Another View” column in the Call.

Mr. Hilmer is so mistaken and misinformed about so many points in his letter.

Being a retired teacher, I feel compelled to respond to his misinformation.

A huge portion of my paycheck went into my retirement fund every single month of the 31 years I served the children of St. Louis County, doing my best to give them the best education I could. To do this, I paid for my four-year college education, two-year master’s degree and two additional years of advanced education out of my own pocket.

It seems Mr. Hilmer thinks all the money I’m now drawing from that pension fund came from taxpayers. In addition to paying into my retirement fund, I paid and continue to pay taxes too.

What Mr. Hilmer proposes to do to the teachers’ retirement fund is what the federal government has done to Social Security — bleed it dry, and then say, “Whoops, there’s no money left.”

Teachers are underpaid, overworked and, in respect to people like Aaron, underappreciated.

Most sincerely and disgustedly,

Laura Murphy

High Ridge