Residents should take a moment to give thanks to county police officers

To the editor:

We as firefighters and paramedics respond to calls for assistance at all hours of the day and night and sometimes in situations that are not ideal.

Just as our residents may sometimes need to call the St. Louis County Police Department if they fear for their safety, we as first responders sometimes have to make the same call.

You may not be aware, but when a situation we are responding to is deemed too dangerous and our safety may be in jeopardy, we stop near the scene and wait as our and your St. Louis County Police officers pass us by and proceed to a scene that is knowingly unsafe.

They make sure we and the citizens are safe and then tell us to proceed to the emergency scene. They do admirable work and risk their lives to protect you and us. They make sure I go home to my family. That is why I, my co-workers and my community are very grateful for their protection.

They are not paid nearly enough for the job they do, and we as the people who gain the benefits of their protection need to take a moment during this season of thanks to thank these heroes who keep us safe. I hope to never see that black band on their badge again, a sign of a death in their family of police officers.

May God bless and keep them safe.

Nickolas R. Fahs

president of Mehlville Firefighters and Paramedics

International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1889