Residents oppose subdivision proposed near Oakville Elementary

To the editor:

The County Council’s Public Improvements Committee will meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2, at the County Government Center, 41 S. Central Ave., as a result of concerns expressed by a significant number of Oakville residents to the subdivision proposal by Pinnacle Land Development LLC for the Basler Tree Farm and Anna Koklow properties.

The proposal was challenged at the initial hearing last October by about 50 residents, numerous speakers and submission of about 250 signatures from area residents opposed to the project.

The primary concerns include a significant increase in traffic on Yaeger Road, safety issues with Oakville Elementary School next door, the reduced lot size averaging just 7,500 square feet when all others in the area are 10,000 square feet and larger, the loss of nearly all foliage and resulting watershed, and whether the builder can reasonably sell quality single-family homes when there is a 112-foot transmission tower right in the middle of the subdivision.

The developer’s zoning request would allow Pinnacle to modify the plan to a multi-family unit plan if it chooses, without additional public hearings. Despite the inconvenient time and place, it is critical area residents show up in force at this meeting to show unified opposition to this development.

Please attend or help someone you know attend the meeting.