Resident expresses his support of current Mehlville administration

Please allow me to be the first to express my support of the current Mehlville School District administration before the usual suspects begin their next round of attacks.

In past years, it has been not only fashionable, but easy to complain about the way the district has done business. We all are aware of past board and administration discrepancies that gave our district a black eye. Those days are gone and have been since Superintendent Terry Noble and the current/recent board took charge after inheriting a bad situation. Mr. Noble has been a standup leader and the entire board has gone above and beyond to restore public trust in them.

The current accounting issue has been addressed publicly and we are all aware of the problem. The question for the citizens of this district now is: “Are you going to help and become part of the solution or complain and remain part of the problem?”

It is time for everyone to stop pointing fingers and start working together to make this district as great as it can be.

It’s time for the folks who really care and are willing to help to stop being bullied by the minority of district rabble rousers who are experts at making you scared of it, but offer no solutions for it. I am proud to have children in this district and just as proud of Mr. Noble and the board that look out for their best interest.

Still complaining about the turf? Get over it, it’s done. Upset about the teachers getting a pay raise? It’s being dealt with, move on. Don’t like the public-relations strategies of the district? Offer a suggestion how to make it better.

It isn’t just “about the kids” this time, it is about this entire community — a community that I am proud to call home.

Randy Lowry