Recently elected alderman offers unique perspective

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

By Mike Anthony

Before the April 7 election, we wrote that we believed Michael Broughton, a longtime critic of Green Park, would bring a unique perspective to the board as a Ward 1 alderman.

He certainly has done that.

Broughton was unopposed for election in April after Ward 1 Alderman Tony Pousosa, who had served on the board since 2007, withdrew his candidacy after Republican officials selected him to seek the 6th District County Council seat formerly held by County Executive Steve Stenger, D-Affton. Democrat Kevin O’Leary prevailed in the council race.

On April 2, the day after a lawsuit filed against Broughton and his wife, Marilyn, by a Green Park property owner was dismissed, Broughton filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission against Ward 1 Alderman Carol Hamilton.

Also on April 1, Broughton and his wife dismissed a counter-claim they had filed against Jean-Pierre Henrotay, who owns four rental properties in Green Park, including one on Timothy Lane that backs to the Broughtons’ Jan Drive residence.

Broughton’s complaint against Hamilton alleged she violated state conflict-of-interest laws and shared confidential information with Henro-tay regarding complaints submitted about his Timothy Lane property.

Not surprisingly, the Ethics Com-mission last week disagreed with Broughton’s allegations, “finding no reasonable grounds to support a violation.”

Believe it or not, Broughton believed he was entitled to be reimbursed by the city for his legal fees. In a May 28 letter, Broughton requested $9,111.25 from the city for legal fees and “related expenses” he and his wife incurred defending Henrotay’s “frivolous lawsuit.”

Aldermen rightfully voted 5-0 July 20 to deny Broughton’s request for reimbursement. Broughton recused himself and did not vote.

But we don’t expect that to be the last of his request, as he also wrote in the May 28 letter, “But in the event our request is rejected by city officials, we will seek and retain counsel adroit in the art of suing municipal government and will file suit.”

Since assuming office, it appears that Broughton is more interested in furthering his own interests — not the welfare of the people he was elected to represent.

Instead of accusing others of having a conflict of interest, we suggest Broughton look in the mirror and see where the real conflict of interest lies.