Reader wonders about Musick construction delay, plus a new name


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Regarding the article about the Musick Road detour that was published in April 2018, the project was slated to be completed by December 2018, as seen at

Now we are hearing that it is not scheduled for completion until May 2019. That’s a five month extension.

May we have some accountability or explanation as to why this project has such a long extension beyond the original completion date?

And as a sideline….is it Musick Avenue or Musick Road? It seems that the locals from the area have always called it Musick Road. It is referred to as such in the above article.

If you look at the library website, they indicate their address to be on Musick Road.

Dressel Elementary School, prior to having an access to Tesson Ferry Road, was listed as being on Musick Road.

I have lived in the area my entire life. Seriously, when did someone change all the street signs to Musick Avenue?

Susan Benwell

Editor’s note: See Page 4A for an article on the construction delays at Musick and Gravois. And the official name of Musick Road hasn’t changed despite St. Louis County using “Musick Ave.” on detour signs.