Reader urges Green Park residents to stand up before it’s too late

Another Clown City election has come and gone. Will it bring change?

Last year, three new “reformers” were elected — two aldermen and the mayor. Those elected quickly flip-flopped on their campaign promises and acquired the old “you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do!” rhetoric dished out to the people who elected them.

In the April 2008 election, a former alderman — a member of that same old crowd — vied to recycle himself, but was whipped handily by the new “reformer” candidate.

Paradoxically, the “reformer” was hand-picked by the same official who lived outside the city of Green Park for a year-and-a-half while still an alderman.

So what has really changed? Nothing.

As the housing crisis escalates in the United States, Green Park could blossom as a jewel of a working-class city, but only if the powers that be get off their collective behinds and get to work to achieve that goal.

Why let the city deteriorate and find ourselves on the wrong side of the tracks?

City officials need to: Assure that owners maintain rental property — i.e., weeds reaching roof lines, chain-link fences rusting to dust, et cetera — prohibit tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles from overnight parking in residential areas; get rid of derelict vehicles in driveways and yards.

City officials are aware of these and other violations, but refuse to act. Is the city’s code enforcement person MIA? Why do citizens have to live in fear of burglars and dope dealers? Why must they publicly beg the mayor for police protection?

The latest commercial development along South Lindbergh Boulevard is another example of city officials abandoning citizens.

I agree that we should embrace commercial businesses, but not to the detriment of Green Park’s citizens. So, why is the committee to evaluate business licenses comprised primarily of non-resident business owners? Is this really putting the citizenry of Green Park first?

I urge the citizens of Green Park to stand up for themselves be-fore it is too late. The time to demand the respect and concern they deserve is now.

Marilyn R. Broughton

Green Park