Reader suggests turning in cars to reduce number of traffic fatalities

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Michael Nolan’s Christmas present idea of suggesting that gun owners voluntarily turn in their guns to the police.

I truly believe that Mr. Nolan is sincere and concerned about reducing violence.

Under his proposal, let’s assume that all law-abiding citizens turn in their guns, and Mr. Thug and his friends will be the only people with guns, but they will mutually agree to have a moratorium on violence against their fellow citizens.

Additionally, police who are called to a house for a domestic dispute won’t have to worry, and they can be less cautious because law-abiding citizens have previously turned in their guns.

Since all guns have been turned in by law-abiding citizens, the overall desire to reduce the number of murders, and suicides by gun violence will be achieved.

Hooray. No one will consider using knives and overdose of drugs as a replacement.

If the concern is about accidents with guns among family members and children, the most vulnerable of society, perhaps we should turn in our cars to reduce the number of traffic fatalities.

Finally, I encourage Mr. Nolan to place the following lawn sign in the front of his house having the following words: “My house is not armed. Out of respect for my opinion, my neighbors promise not to use their guns to protect me.”