Reader skeptical new school Lindbergh’s ‘only logical solution’

To the editor:

The Call recently reported — again — that Lindbergh Schools’ “only logical solution” is a new school on the Dressel property.

And in a companion article of the same issue was information regarding a proposed $34 million bond issue to pay for it, along with the increased amounts in taxes to homeowners for the bond issue.

I applaud the school board for being proactive on a possible increase in future student enrollment, but have all possibilities really been examined?

We keep hearing from the chief financial officer, Charles Triplett, how property values are down in the district and school funding is reduced, but, my tax assessor must not have got that memo.

Despite what we keep hearing reported, the fact is taxes have been increasing every year and the grip is tightening around the Golden Goose’s neck.

Besides Dressel School, which the district finds unacceptable, there are currently two other school buildings sitting unused in the Lindbergh Schools area.

Seven Holy Founders and St. Elizabeth of Hungary both have schools that are no longer being used. I have never heard any proposals that would consider utilizing either of these facilities as an interim plan to see if a new school will actually, in fact, be required in the future to accommodate increased enrollment.

This would seem to be a win-win all around. The schools are class ready, a huge tax increase could be averted and the school property owners could realize income from the leasing of the currently unused schools.

I’m sure the school board and planning committees are spending many diligent hours seeking solutions, but it seems they may have all jointly acquired tunnel vision focusing only on a new school and a tax increase.