Reader says she’s ‘smart enough to see’ Klund’s information ‘is wrong’

To the editor:

I just received a flier in the mail from a candidate who is running for the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

As I read it, I was appalled that a candidate for a very important position would mislead the taxpayers.

Mr. Klund stated that he would “restore fiscal responsibility and stop raising taxes.”

Well, sir, are you aware that in 2005, Aaron Hilmer, current fire board director, lowered your tax rate from $1.22 to 67 cents? I call that fiscal responsibility that does not need to be restored.

Mr. Klund states in his flier that he will “use taxpayers’ money for better equipment and personnel and eliminate waste.” Again Mr. Klund, you must be misguided because Aaron Hilmer and the current fire board have purchased one new rescue squad and six new state-of-the-art ambulances.

They also built three new firehouses with one more on the way, all paid for with cash. This seems to me to be a wise use of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

Mr. Klund, you must be confused when you wrote that you “will hire professional staff.” I consider that statement an insult to our hard-working and very professional Mehlville firefighters and paramedics. One only needs to experience a 911 call to note the professionalism of our Mehlville first responders. These fine men and women take their job and training seriously and are proud of their new firehouses with training areas attached.

Sir, you wrote that you would “put safety first.” You must not be aware that since Aaron Hilmer was elected, he has increased paramedics on our emergency vehicles from four to 14. To me, that says safety first.

All in all, Mr. Klund, as a taxpayer in the Mehlville Fire Protection District, I am smart enough to see that your information is wrong. Honesty and integrity still count and you may want to correct your facts on your next flier.

Aaron Hilmer has restored fiscal responsibility, put safety first, hired professional first responders and will be getting my vote on April 5.

Linda Boyer


Editor’s note: Linda Boyer serves as the Tesson Ferry Township Republican committeewoman.