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Reader rebuts opposition to proposed Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant

To the editor:

For the last few weeks in the Call I have read letters to the editor concerning a proposed Dunkin’ Donuts store on Telegraph Road where the Jazzercise building now stands.

You may or may not want a doughnut store at the location, but don’t pull reasons out of a hat why you don’t. The reasoning should at least have some credibility.

The banquet hall in the plaza has mostly wedding receptions in the evening starting about 7 p.m. and lasting until around midnight. I think the doughnut business would primarily be in the morning hours. No conflict whatsoever.

You are concerned about the homeowners behind the Jazzercise building having headlights shining in their windows and drive-through speakers “blaring”?

Whenever I am in a drive-through line I can’t hear the speaker when I am the next in line — much less from a house 300 feet away. No conflict.

The very bottom of the foundations of these homes are at roof level with the Jazzercise building. How are headlights going to shine into these homes unless the cars are sitting on at least a 45-degree angle? Again, made-up tripe and no conflict.

In the June 2 issue, another citizen wrote that Telegraph is backed up in both lanes from Interstate 255 back to Pottle every morning. I travel that road every day at different times of the morning from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m. and have never seen the traffic backed up there unless there is an accident. Of course the traffic is heavy, it’s rush hour, but it is always moving.

The vehicles that would patronize the store would come out of the traffic flow already on Telegraph. How is that going to add to the congestion? More no-basis reasoning. I stop every morning at the 7-11 in the same plaza and never have a problem returning to Telegraph Road. Doesn’t the traffic for Jazzercise already enter and exit Telegraph in the “middle of this congestion”?

Personally, I don’t care if there is a doughnut store there or not, but don’t make up reasons for not having one. Every neighborhood has businesses. If the doughnut store is built where the Jazzercise currently stands, isn’t that one business gone and another in it’s place? Dead even. More no-basis reasoning.

I’ll have a cake doughnut with sprinkles, please, and a large cup of “joe.”

Gary Solovic


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