Reader proposes town-hall forum on status of mall redevelopment


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Anxiety and frustration seem to be two common emotions felt about the lack of definitive progress of the redevelopment of the former Crestwood Plaza site.

While the herculean task of demolishing the existing buildings is finished, the next steps are still unknown.

Those of us in Crestwood look forward to a strong and robust development, as we remember the former plaza as the pinnacle of Crestwood’s commercial corridor.

Thanks are in order to resident John O’Fallon Bell for offering his vision and ideas to move forward in his article, “Another view: Resident offers Crestwood officials truth, dare over mall property,” which is posted on the Call’s website. Additional thanks are in order to City Administrator Kris Simpson for his letter to the editor encouraging us to have patience and not give in to desperation.

As we move forward in our community, knowledge will be our best friend. Information and open communication can assuage anxiety and concern.

When this redevelopment process began, a town-hall forum was held to solicit citizen ideas and feedback. Perhaps at this point, an open town hall can be held to inform residents of any information and possible steps as we move forward. The community would be well served to hear from the mayor and the Board of Aldermen, the city planner, the city’s planning consultant Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets and the developer, Bob Burk of UrbanStreet Group.

While an abundance of information may not be available, an open conversation about where we are as a community with respect to this development would be most helpful and could create a better understanding of what may happen next.

Jim Murphy


Editor’s note: Jim Murphy is a longtime Crestwood resident whose father, the late Jim Murphy, served 20 years in the Missouri House of Representatives, representing District 95.