Reader objects to legislators’ vote to ‘darken’ Missouri’s Sunshine


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Sixty-two percent of Missourians voted for the Clean Missouri amendment. This amendment passed because the majority of Missourians want to clean up corruption in Jefferson City and prevent further corruption by making our government more fair and transparent.

However, four of our South County representatives voted for HB 445, which includes an amendment that severely weakens our Sunshine Laws. This vote was a direct hit to Clean Missouri and blatantly ignores the will of their constituents and our Missouri Constitution.

The House passed the bill in February, and a Senate committee recommended the bill last week.

Rep. Jim Murphy (94th District), Rep. Michael O’Donnell (95th), Rep. David Gregory (96th) and Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (97th) all voted to eclipse the will of the people and to darken our Sunshine Laws.

Our legislators are in office to represent us, and they did not. If you are as upset as I am with their blatant lack of respect for Missouri voters, I suggest you contact your representative and express your frustration. They should be working with us, not against us. They need to respect our vote.

Laura Metz

Editor’s note: Ms. Metz is the president of the Tesson Ferry Democratic Organization.