Reader initially opposed to trash districts now pleased by savings

With regard to a couple of letters to the editor in the Aug. 21 issue of the Call about the arbitrariness of the inception of the trash-hauling districts, I would like to add my observations.

I, too, was very negative and vocal about this when it was proposed, but since its start I have revised my opinion. I have recycled aluminum for years and my wife takes all of our newspapers and much of our junk mail to the recycling bin by her church, but now I see the value of the one-container recycling in the reduction in the contents going to our landfills.

The long-term impact of not reducing the contents going to our landfills would be substantial increased costs as sites for new landfills would be miles further away with higher costs for fuel, labor and vehicles to pick up and carry our trash.

I also have come to appreciate the economics of one-hauler bidding and to me personally, a service providing one trash pickup a week — with not much trash in the can after recycling — along with one pickup a week of the large volume of yard waste from our one-acre lot plus the twice annually large bulk pickup will result in my saving a minimum of $7.09 monthly or more than $84 a year. That’s no small piece of change in my book.

It would have been even more had not the first winning bidder in our district backed out after the lawsuit by unsuccessful bidders.

I think it is time to quit complaining and be thankful for the benefits.

Charles Roth