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Reader doesn’t agree with other reader’s list of Trump achievements


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In regard to Frank Longo’s June 27 letter praising President Trump’s successes, I disagree with many of his views.

He applauds our economy whose numbers look good on paper, but how many middle-class citizens are struggling to pay their monthly bills or have to work two jobs in order to meet life’s demands?

Restrictions have been lifted on many industries, but will these restrictions badly affect our environment, spewing more pollution into the air and water?

Oil drilling, pipelines and tearing up precious land masses are his only concerns, pillaging our planet into destruction.

True, Trump is negotiating with North Korea, but nothing has been accomplished, and I believe that North Korea will never disband their nuclear power agenda.

Trump has destroyed ISIS? Don’t believe it. Weeds always come back just as strong.

Securing our borders is important, but Trump’s handling of it has proved to be a stain on our nation.

Health care? I see no advancement in this regard. Have we seen any reduction in insurance premiums and pharmaceutical costs?

More importantly, what I see is a man who consistently lies to us, has alienated our allies and tries to shut down the press, who won’t listen to his knowledgeable advisors, whose cruel and demeaning talk has lowered our country’s esteem, who favors dictators and has probably obstructed justice.

All point to a man unfit for office, and more frightening, they are marks of an autocratic ruler in the making. This control begins slowly and often isn’t realized at first. Red flags are ignored until finally it’s too late and the takeover is complete.

It’s all there in the history books for anyone to read. Has it already begun?

Beverly Letchworth

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