Reader disagrees with ‘why Trump is an idiot this time’ on schools


To the editor:

In response to Christina MacDougall’s April 5 letter, “Reader agrees with Broughton: Arming teachers, staff Trump’s ‘latest idiotic idea,’” I disagree with why Trump is an idiot this time.

I do not see how the idea of arming our teachers is any more “idiotic” than any other idea anyone has proposed.

I obtained my concealed-carry permit, or CCW, in 2012 after taking the class and test at a place in Valley Park. From what I remember in that class, I can now carry and conceal my pistol anywhere I want without being in trouble.

They did make sure to say that if a person is in a place (bank, school, et cetera) that does not allow it, asks me to leave or not enter with it, I would have to do as they ask.

Giving the teachers the option to carry and/or go through training to carry is not any more absurd than Missouri’s CCW law. Giving a teacher this opportunity could be pointless or help save lives.

Most active shooter drills require the students and teachers to lock their door and get in a corner. If the rooms have one door, it is not that hard to also unlock a safe and be ready with the gun pointed at that entrance.

I do think Trump is an idiot, but not this time.

Why not make a law that says all teachers must have a gun in their room, but not tell anyone there isn’t a gun?

Or just the idea that teachers may have one in the room could deter one person.

If we make this into law, we will only know if it doesn’t work because there will still be a shooter or an innocent person gets shot.

We won’t know how many people don’t do it or go somewhere else other than a school.

I know I would feel safer in school knowing that if we were locked in our room waiting for the shooter, we had a weapon other than chairs, books, or if I were luckily in foods class, a knife.

You don’t see too many shootings at police stations, gun shows/stores or the airport. My guess is that is because the person knows there is a high probability that someone else there will have a gun too.

Shawn Finney

Sunset Hills