Reader: Call should not have printed Koenig’s evolution ideas


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After my haircut, I picked up a copy of the Call when I saw the article about Crestwood mall. Then I read the Sept. 13 article “South county legislators’ views on education.”

After reading that, it seems that the Call does not stand on the side of science or democracy.

Allowing for around 14 paragraphs for Reps. Doug Beck and Bob Burns’ sup-port for public education, you then printed 15 paragraphs of Sen. Andrew Koenig’s views on evolution.

If parents want their children to learn creationism, they can go to an evangelical church or send them to a parochial school.

That Sen. Koenig would promote direct-ing school tax dollars to pay for private education defeats the true democratic purpose of public education.

The Republican Legislature and Rex Sinquefield would like to pass more money to the wealthy by allowing vouchers to help pay for their children to attend private schools.

A voucher would not enable an average student to attend a private school with tuition of $18,000. It would only give a tuition break to the wealthy.

Private schools exist so the wealthy and certain religious denominations won’t have to mix with the public and democratic ideas.

Terry Bilheimer
St. Louis