Reader believes Frank should be commended

To the editor:

In regard to Ms. Stevenson’s attack on Karl Frank, I remember having met him only once a year ago.

He expressed how much he wanted to help children and teachers in the Mehlville district. As a Mehlville district supporter, I thought it was great someone so young, so idealistic and an Oakville graduate would be willing to volunteer and sacrifice for the Board of Education.

I don’t understand why all of a sudden a board member needs to have a doctorate when our legislators come from all walks of life. Anyway, he seems intelligent enough to build a computer business and be part of the local chamber of commerce. I think Mr. Frank should be commended considering the current status of the board — delusions of grandeur come to mind.

I’m sorry, I’ll try not to be as defamatory as Ms. Stevenson was to Mr. Frank. It has gotten out that there may be an organized effort to destroy Mr. Frank’s credibility.

Some have heard two or three board members yelling “stupid” and “idiot” at him down the halls of the Central Office. You know the walls have ears over there.

Ms. Stevenson’s letter is just an extension of the verbal abuse. She must be very educated to find so many creative ways to in-sult Mr. Frank’s intelligence.

To add more transparency, I know Ms. Stevenson is a very close friend to one board member.

You know transparency is something that many of us, those whom Ms. Stevenson calls “uninformed, lazy voters,” would like more from the Mehlville board and Central Office.

Another aspect of Stevenson’s letter was the way she insulted the rest of Mr. Frank’s family. After some research I found he has an educated parentage — one an operations manager, one with a master’s in business, one with an engineering degree from Rolla, one uncle was a longtime, well-liked teacher in Mehlville.

Is Ms. Stevenson listening sadly to the all-too-common rumor and gossip mill?

The Stevenson letter also attacks the voters “… who cannot grasp, or choose not to tackle, the complexities of the tax system …” Voters do understand how these money-crunch economic times are hurting our families, seniors and public institutions.

But when we read that the board and Central Office went $20 million-plus over budget and how annoyed they are when they are questioned, it discourages voters from wanting to add to their own financial struggles with a huge February tax levy — Proposition A.

What poor timing after inflated reassessments, real estate and personal property taxes, gas prices, heating bills, holidays and then the looming April IRS deadline.

Voters also understand not to exceed their own budget, since we do not get blank checks from public funds to cover excesses. And voters understand from school days, if you wish to understand something, you’d better ask questions. Disclosure keeps our public servants honest.

Concerning Ms. Stevenson’s dismissal of low teacher morale, yes I have spoken to a few teachers who speak of overwork, less family time, minimal wage increases, and who have to be very careful of what they say. Now they feel obligated to help with the tax levy during this special time of the year.

So please Mehlville board stop ganging up on our new conscientious Karl Frank.

Academic boards should show more re-spect and set a better example for students.

Finally, I do not think Ms. Stevenson should participate in character assassination on behalf of certain school board members.

She sure seems to be doing so.

Mary Scheider