Reader asks: Does anyone care about Concord Village residents?

To the editor:

I attended the county Planning Commission meeting and only saw a few hands raised by individuals in support of the apartment complex to be named “21Bauer.”

There were close to 140 residents who raised their hands in opposition to this project, but when the count of those not in favor of this proposal was announced, we heard 84. This is a total outright falsehood.

This area of Concord Village has been cared for and preserved by its residents for years. We are proud residents who remain confused and saddened that our votes against this apartment complex proposal don’t mean a thing.

An apartment complex this large will put a tremendous traffic strain on Tesson Ferry Road, as well as Bauer Road. What appears to be happening is JHB Properties hopes to build a 232-unit apartment complex without the support of residents who live here and love their community.

Does anyone care about the voters, you know, the residents of Concord Village?

William J. Gust