Reader agrees that abortion bans don’t work, but for other reasons


To the editor:

The May 26 edition of the St. Louis Call included an editorial by Erin Achenbach entitled, “Abortion bans don’t work.” I agree with Ms. Achenbach, but for different reasons. 

Let’s focus on what we all have in common – humanity. It’s a little harder to deny that. 

A woman has maternal instincts. She cannot help but love her child, but for some mental disconnect. Women don’t have kangaroos or tigers or cats. They have human beings. 

Unborn children don’t become human but have been that all along. Human DNA is present at conception. 

Instinctively, mothers can only have love for that which is human in its purest and most vulnerable form.

 Aside from the Supreme Court, consider that first and see what choice you make.

Leo J. Makarewicz