Proposition L would address Lindbergh $14 million loss of revenue since ’07

To the editor:

It seemed odd that a district currently undertaking new construction projects would be asking for a tax increase, so I asked the administration about this.

They explained that the building projects occurring in the Lindbergh School District are a direct response to increasing student enrollment and are funded by the Prop R bond issue passed in November 2008. The district is legally prohibited from using the bond money for anything other than building projects.

Additionally, two years ago the school board indicated that the district would soon have to deal with its depleting reserves, but in consideration of the financial pressures homeowners were also facing they decided to wait two years before seeking a tax in-crease. They used that time to trim as much as they could from the budget, culminating in $4.7 million dollars worth of cuts this past spring alone. Even though the district could have used the funds much sooner, they abided by their promise to residents.

The bottom line: Prop R was a response to increased student enrollment and is restricted to buildings only. Prop L is a response to the significant decline in revenue — a $14 million loss since 2007 — and is needed so that the district is not forced to take out loans to meet operating expenses.

For the sake of our schools and in turn, our property values, please vote “yes” on Nov. 2.

Sylvia Efken

Sunset Hills