Prop R not result of ‘Mehlville political machine,’ but will of the people

To the editor:

I would like to issue a special thanks to Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony for his response to Sue Jernigan’s recent letter.

Prop R passed — get over it, Ms. Jernigan. It was not a conspiratorial plot generated by the “Mehlville political machine,” but the will of Mehlville School District residents who wanted to protect home values and to improve the quality of education for their kids and grandkids. You need to look no further than Lindbergh Schools to see the positive effects of better schools, making that area one of the most attractive places to live in south county.

If you are looking for a better example of Chicago-style politics, consider the case of the son of a local restaurant owner who was convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Yet the county police chief and our current county executive wrote letters to a federal judge asking for leniency, because in the past he had provided good customer service at the restaurant.

Where is the outrage over these actions?

Again to Mr. Anthony, thanks for presenting the historical facts regarding events leading up to the current vote, and regarding Ms. Jernigan, sometimes silence really is golden.

Jim Kaznica