Pro-Trump letters show success recruiting ‘paranoid fearmongers’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The letters to the editor Feb. 7 highlight President Donald Trump’s success in recruiting paranoid, fearmongering supporters who are full of hate and vitriol.

No wonder one side cannot talk to the other.

In three letters I read a warning that illegal immigrants will drive our country to dysfunction to the point of becoming a Central American banana republic. I learned that Russa and China and Nazis exterminated people and we socialists/communists (i.e. non-Trump supporters) should be wary.

Wow – I assume this is a threat to exterminate non-Trumpers.

The writer somehow missed the fact that Russia and China were/are communists.

Last, I see that one’s opinion about Trump’s mental health must be totally driven by CNN or MSNBC. Could it be that Ms. Susan Mroz actually has her own opinions?

The tone of these letters makes it clear to me that you either support Trump or you must want the worst for our country, or have been brainwashed by CNN or you should plan to be exterminated.

Who is the sane one here?

Jeffrey Scherrer