‘Prepare to be steamrolled’ by city marriage; get dowry ready now


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’m from the government. I’m here to help.

Once again our elected officials are paving the way for a city- county merger. Be prepared to get steamrolled. There is no stopping this train, as big money is riding on it.

Oh, while we are waiting to get steamrolled don’t forget to pass whatever tax measure gets presented to you, as we want to present a formidable dowry with our city marriage.

If our “do nothing” elected officials are really concerned about getting the region to prosper, may I suggest that they merely get rid of the crime. People will venture to the city when they feel safe; homeowners and businesses would not be moving out.

Big corporate conventions will stop regarding St. Louis as another Detroit.

Another observation: All the Democrats, liberals and so called “independents” that agree with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that building a “wall” is immoral; then consider that Lindbergh Board of Education has approved installation of a fence at Lindbergh High School to facilitate a secure single point of entry.

Frank J. Longo