Powder-coated finishes protects today’s cars

Nothing beats the look, smell and feel of a brand new car.

But did you ever wonder why some cars keep their “showroom look” a lot longer than others?

One of the reasons is that many cars on the market today have a powder coated finish. Powder coating is a high-tech finishing process that helps protect cars from chips and scratches as well as the damage caused by UV rays, harsh weather and acid rain.

A powder clearcoat protects the beauty of a car’s high-gloss finish, preserving its lustrous appearance and adding to its resale value.

America’s Big Three – Ford, GM and DaimlerChrysler – have teamed up to test powder clearcoats on their new cars.

Not only are they looking to provide a beautiful, durable product for their customers, but they are also discovering that the powder coating process itself offers many advantages over traditional liquid paint.

Powder coating creates virtually no airborne emissions, eliminating the need for costly waste disposal equipment, and oversprayed powder particles can be recovered and reused.

Besides the exterior clearcoat, manufacturers can powder coat virtually any part of a car, from the decorative wheels, hubcaps and trim to such hard-working elements as truck beds, door handles and engine parts.

Besides automobiles, powder coating is found on thousands of home and garden products as well as sporting goods, recreational vehicles and office furniture and equipment.

For more information about powder coating, visit the Powder Coating Institute’s Web site at www.powdercoating.org.