People ‘paying the taxes have run out of money,’ letter writer says

To the editor:

The formation of the Tea Party was a movement to give the “regular” people a voice since neither “party” was listening to us.

I guess Mr. Joseph A. Frank’s recent letter to the editor suggests that he was accusing the Tea Party of picking on teachers, defending those who have “accumulated superfluous wealth” and repeating “un-provable phraseology so often that fantasy is accepted as fact.”

I do not know where he got that garbage, but I guess he is going to repeat it often enough so he can believe it.

First of all, if I pay taxes and someone takes that money and gives it to someone undeserving, then to me that is redistributing wealth. If that money goes to someone deserving, then that is different.

We are tired of the uncontrolled spending by this administration. We are tired of school boards giving more than they collect and not living within their means.

I have never had cable TV. I have never charged more on my credit card than what I knew I could pay off at the end of the month.

Mr. Frank’s last statements saying that corporate people test the boundaries of ethics and greed, and he is “showing class envy,” and then following with the added statement calling the Tea-Partiers “defenders of the elite,” shows a real failing character education on his part.

Anyone who has accumulated any sort of wealth has seen it diminish of late because of the world’s attitude that if I want it for the “common good,” I should just have it given to me.

Wake up, folks, the people that are paying the taxes have run out of money. We have no more to give.

Bill Kuhlmann

Concord Village