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Pasta primavera tops for freshness, ease


My wife is pretty good about going along with whatever I come up with for supper. Sometimes she’ll say something like “I can’t wait until we’re through this chicken,’’ meaning let’s have pork or beef tomorrow.

Usually, she eats what I put in front of her no matter how much I apologize for ruining the supper.

It comes as no surprise that making meals with a meat course is part of my own prejudice and nothing she’s insisted upon. Every once in a while I like to eat vegetarian or something like it.

One of my favorite meals without meat is something I call Pasta Primavera. Some might say it’s not vegeterian because I use chicken broth and cheese in the recipe. They don’t count if you ask me. Anyone who goes through life without grinding the carcass of some dead animal between their teeth has nothing to offer society that we can’t live without. Those people are a little goofy and most likely they want to save whales and trees as well.

Pasta Primavera


10 stalks asparagus

1 zucchini

Prepare exactly as you would the fettuccine with the following exceptions: when onions are translucent add the asparagus and zucchini and brown for five  minutes. Remove asparagus and zucchini from heat to a covered dish and hold.

After cream has been reduced by half, return asparagus and zucchini to the skillet and re-heat.

Serve with Parmesan cheese and garnish with parsley.

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