Passage of Prop R benefits all stakeholders

To the editor:

Mehlville’s upcoming Prop R election is of great importance to all Mehlville res-idents.

The tax-rate increase the district is seeking will not only directly benefit students, its main target, but will also benefit all Mehlville stakeholders if passed.

The tax-rate increase will benefit students by allowing them to have more educational tools to work with to afford them a more effective, efficient and challenging educational environment.

Passage of the levy will motivate teachers to use newly acquired teaching tools to offer a more effective and stimulating classroom experience.

A successful tax-levy vote will benefit all Mehlville stakeholders because property values of a school district are directly linked to the quality and reputation of the schools of that district.

If Prop R does not pass, the quality, efficiency and reputation of the district will suffer greatly.

It will be unable to offer the new and challenging programs that make a district a quality, respected and academically competitive district in St. Louis County. As a direct result of this, property values in Mehlville will suffer.

New home buyers with young children will look elsewhere, where they feel the community places a greater value and emphasis on the education experience they offer.

Lower property values and less-respected schools will negatively affect all Mehlville residents.

A “yes” vote for Prop R will benefit our students, our schools and, yes, all of Mehl-ville’s residents and property owners in a tremendously positive manner. Vote “yes” on Prop R.

David Matter