Parent upset by Mehlville write-in candidate’s flier sent to grade-school child

To the editor:

My grade-school child got an invitation on March 29.

On the front of the invitation sized envelope was “You are invited to” with my child’s first name and middle initial. When he opened it, expecting to be invited to a party by one of his young friends, you can imagine his surprise when it turned out to be an “invitation to vote.”

It was signed by Mr. Dennis Skelton, who is running as a write-in candidate for the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

There are four other registered voters in my house who did not get the same mailer — seems very odd you would target a child who cannot vote, but miss the adults who can.

The other odd thing is my child is not the only child in the neighborhood who got the same “invitation.” How can someone stoop so low to disguise a political flier to vote for them as an invitation and send it to grade-school children?

I would love to know where Mr. Skelton got my grade-school child’s name, middle initial and mailing address. My child is not on any public list I know of.

There is something radically wrong when someone running for public office has access to grade-school children’s names and addresses and then uses them for a political mailing.

Tim Burke

Green Park