One of organizers of Voices of District 6 says recall effort bipartisan

To the editor:

In a June 29 letter to the editor, Oakville Township Republican Committeewomen Celeste Witzel stated, and I quote, “For the record, in my role as the Republican committeewoman for Oakville Township, I have not yet found a Republican who is displeased with (6th District County) Councilman (Ernie) Trakas and who is supportive of a recall effort. Rather, the Republicans whom I am in contact with across all south county are very supportive of Councilman Trakas.”

I’m sorry, Ms. Oakville Committeewoman, during a two-hour signing event in the heart of Oakville Township, approximately half of our signers self-identified as either traditional Republicans, or people who voted for Ernie without identifying party affiliation.

So, yes, this is a bipartisan effort.