One Michael Moore enough, letter writer says

To the editor:

I’d like to respond to Ms. Preuss’ letter, in the Dec. 9 Call and the critical reader response from the last three Call editions.

I’m not going to go into the spiritual aspects of Ms. Preuss’ letter. I just want to concentrate on getting the facts straight.

Paul Stanley kept referring in his Dec. 16 letter to the “evils” — my word, not his — of the Republican Party. In the Dec. 23 letter from Kathleen Lees, Ms. Preuss supposedly said, “Millions of Christians in another country prayed for Americans to vote for Bush.” Ms. Lees also wrote that Ms. Preuss said “that the Bush election was an act of God.” Terri Blunt’s Dec. 30 letter refers to “conservatives.”

Here’s the facts folks: Ms. Preuss did not mention the Republican Party, did not mention conservatives, and last, but not least, Ms. Preuss said, “God used millions of Christians in another country to pray for America.” We don’t need any more Michael Moores; one is more than enough.

Patrick Dodd