Official puts his interests over those of constituents

‘Call the Tune’ by Mike Anthony

By Mike Anthony

We’re trying to comprehend why Michael Broughton wants to serve on the Green Park Board of Aldermen.

Broughton ran unopposed for the Ward 1 aldermanic seat in April after Tony Pousosa, who had served on the board since 2007, withdrew his candidacy to unsuccessfully seek the 6th District County Council seat.

For years, Broughton has railed against city officials for their alleged arrogance and incompetence. There’s nothing wrong with that, as elected officials are fair game for criticism.

Likewise, now that Broughton is an elected official, he’s certainly fair game for criticism, and his performance as a Ward 1 alderman merits an F. We say that because he appears more intent on representing himself and his own interests, instead of working on behalf of his constituents.

Since assuming office, Broughton has appeared more interested in recouping his legal fees stemming from a dispute with a Green Park landlord instead of performing the job he was elected to do. Jean-Pierre Henrotay, who owns four rental properties in Green Park, including one on Timothy Lane that abuts the back of the Broughtons’ Jan Drive property, sued Broughton and his wife, Marilyn, in 2013.

The suit sought in excess of $25,000 from the Broughtons because of their alleged “incessant harassment, complaints, letters and emails” regarding Henrotay’s rental property at 9939 Timothy Lane. The Broughtons filed a counter-claim against Henrotay.

Both the original suit and the counter-claim were dismissed April 1.

In a May 28 letter, Broughton re-quested $9,111.25 from the city for legal fees and “related expenses” he and his wife incurred defending Hen-rotay’s “frivolous lawsuit.”

Aldermen rightfully voted 5-0 July 20 to reject Broughton’s reimbursement request. Broughton recused himself and did not vote.

That should have been the end of it.

Yet last week, Broughton again questioned how Henrotay obtained copies of city documents that were presented in the suit against him and his wife. It’s obvious that Broughton sees conspiracies everywhere.

If Broughton has any credible evidence of wrongdoing, we believe he should bring it to the attention of county Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch instead of grandstanding at board meetings.

We also suggest that if Broughton can’t or won’t represent his constituents, perhaps he should considering resigning his post.