Oakville resident supporting Republican Pousosa in Aug. 5 primary

To the editor:

The county executive primary run has demonstrated a contrast between the ways the party candidates are presenting their positions.

Two of the Democratic front-runner candidates have presented a singular major issue, intimating who is the more corrupt.

Granted, one of the Democratic contenders, Steve Stenger, has presented a position that he has singlehandedly helped women as his — only — major accomplishment since he has been on the County Council.

Meanwhile, the opposition Republican Party and Constitution Party candidates are running noncontroversial campaigns — or at least that’s the way they’re being portrayed by the large media outlets.

The only candidate I can find who has stated positions on how he intends to govern as county executive, and has been actively campaigning for the post long before any of the other candidates, is Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Tony Pousosa.

His stated positions are more community outreach by the county executive by holding town-hall meetings in the various county regions; more rigor and accountability in managing county dollars; working with the County Council to maintain and, where practical, reduce county taxes; increasing employment by working with all county stakeholders to establish a community and political environment that makes the county a place where firms want to do business and people want to live; and opposing the city-county merger, where so far there has been no explanation of the benefit of the merger for county residents.

How long do we have to wait before the other candidates stop the mudslinging or break the silence to clearly express what it is that they stand for as individuals and what direction they want to lead the county as its chief executive?

I hope soon, because, otherwise, there is only one candidate with the character and stated platform who has my vote, and that is Tony Pousosa.