Oakville resident hopes that Ernie Trakas is re-elected to the council

Letters to the Editor


I was pleased to read in the Oct. 15 issue of the St. Louis Call that you endorsed Ernie Trakas for re-election to the St. Louis County Council 6th District. As we approach Veterans Day next month, my thoughts are of our family members who are buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. My husband served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, and it is our hope that someday Jefferson Barracks will also be our resting place.

Several years ago, St. Louis County considered selling a portion of Sylvan Springs Park to the cemetery to help alleviate their problem of diminishing burial space.

Certain groups and some residents opposed the sale, so I felt compelled to write a letter expressing my concerns to County Executive Steve Stenger and to all six County Council members. Stenger replied, but my District 6 Councilman Kevin O’Leary did not.

Ernie Trakas was elected to the council in 2016 and soon after, he sponsored the bill approving the sale, which he called a “hallowed place… not just to St. Louis, but to our country.” The County Council agreed unanimously to the sale.

We are grateful to Councilman Trakas for his concern for veterans and their spouses. He has our vote, and the votes of many other veterans of District 6.

Donna Rubie