Oakville resident appreciative of prompt action by councilman

I wanted to inform the residents of Oakville, specifically who use Koch Road, that County Councilman Campisi took immediate action to coordinate repairs with Bussen, Capt. Ken Cox of the county Police Department and state and county departments responsible for the safety, maintenance and upkeep of this road.

I had written to him last month concerning the poor conditions of the road, including dirt shoulders creating massive amounts of dust and mud from Bussen Quarry to Beasley Elementary School.

Additionally, I requested no parking signs be installed on Koch to prohibit the many 18-wheel semi-trucks from parking along the shoulders, creating a nuisance — I’ll leave it at that. Again, they were put up immediately. Capt. Cox of the 4th Precinct has had his officers patrol the area more frequently to ticket any illegally parked vehicles.

In an April 13 letter, Councilman Campisi kept me updated with the scheduled paving of the shoulders on Koch. The shoulders have been paved.

Those of us who drive our kids to Beasley or use the Jefferson Barracks Veterans Administration Medical Clinic on a regular basis have observed a noticeable improvement. I usually had to wash off my vehicle after it rained as it became coated with a gooey white residue from the quarry trucks traveling to the outer road or Interstate 255.

Additionally, Councilman Campisi reports that Bussen has agreed to keep the road swept more frequently. That’s a great neighbor. Now if I could only get them to stop rocking my house at 11 a.m. daily — can you here the canned background laughter?

Maybe we can work together on putting a park at the end of Rockview with a small basketball court and play area — just a thought.

Again, I would like to say thanks to all those involved in making this small part of Oakville safer for the families who use it. Thank you for a job well done.

Chris Paule