No reason for Crestwood to complain about mayor


The best thing about democracy is that anyone can participate. So for those of you itching to complain that Crestwood Mayor Roy Robinson will walk unopposed into a second term, we have one word — don’t.

Since Robinson was elected mayor in 2005, phone calls to our office — and even our homes — from Crestwood residents upset with the mayor of their fair city have been comically frequent.

But the fact of the matter is Robinson is the only person in Crestwood willing to stick his neck out to serve as its elected head.

While we may not agree with many of his tactics from his first three years in office, we can confidently say that Robinson simply wants that responsibility more than anyone else in Crestwood.

After all, if he were as bad as many residents have proclaimed him to be, at least one of those disenchanted citizens would oppose him.

Instead, Robinson’s detractors did nothing, proving they are more productive at whining than working. At least Robinson is making an effort.

It’s no secret that we have never endorsed Robinson. In our opinion, his time in office has been characterized by a penchant for secrecy and a blatant disregard for open government protected by the Missouri Sunshine Law.

No other Crestwood mayor has ever met in more closed sessions with aldermen than Robinson.

Despite the criticism mounted against Robinson over the years, the fact that no one will oppose him makes a compelling case that he really is the best that Crestwood has to offer.

As always, we will continue to cover Crestwood government and critique its performance. Crestwood residents have a strong desire to know the events of their city, and we will not hesitate to report them.

But our criticism of Robinson will diminish in light of the fact that so many complaints against him have produced so little good. In that case, why add to a lost cause?

With an uncertain economic future, now is the time for Crestwood residents to unite rather than divide themselves over petty politics.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

As Robinson is unopposed as mayor until 2011, we say Crestwood deserves no less.

But above all else, if Crestwood residents have complaints, don’t call us.

Go to City Hall, where your voice actually counts.