No choice but for community to support Prop R, Mark Haefner says

To the editor:

It is no secret that I am a supporter of the Mehlville School District’s Prop R.

I have never supported a tax-rate increase in the past, and am unsure if I will ever support one in the future. However, after seeing what the Mehlville School District has and will continue to have to cut for our students, I feel that there is no choice for our community than to vote “yes” on Prop R.

While I strongly believe that passing this will ensure that we are taking the right steps to tell the rest of the world that we support the children in this community, I just as strongly believe that passing Prop R is the best possible investment we can make in our homes. Strong schools and communities that support them are what prospective homebuyers are looking for, especially those who intend on putting down roots.

As many real-estate agents have already stated, we can get more for our houses and sell them faster with properly funded schools.

I am often asked, “But what about the tennis courts or the auditorium?” My response is simple: Do we underfund the education of the children in the community, as well as not maximize our investments in our homes, because you did not like the decision of past elected school boards?

Wouldn’t a better solution be to ensure that we seek out and elect board candidates that are good stewards of the money we entrust them with?

The ultimate question is this: How bad do things need to get for our students before we decide to properly fund our schools?

For me, that time has come, and it is my belief that we all need Prop R to pass for our children, our community, and our investments in our homes.