Metro’s Proposition A ‘completely unworthy of support,’ critic says

To the editor:

If there ever was a ballot measure completely unworthy of support, it would be Proposition A, the Metro tax increase that would give Metro a 100-percent increase in revenue from St. Louis County taxpayers.

The half-cent sales tax increase would be the third transportation sales tax for St. Louis County, in addition to a property tax for roads and bridges. If approved, the amount of county tax dollars going to Metro would increase from about $80 million to about $160 million a year with city taxpayers providing just $37 million.

It may be hard to believe, but in 1994 the total funding to Metro from county taxpayers was only $33 million.

The tax hike isn’t needed to help people get to work. Service was only cut to scare voters into approving a huge tax hike for Metro.

Metro has been receiving record amounts of revenue. The 100-percent increase is really wanted to expand MetroLink. This enriches the special interests supporting the deceptive campaign for Proposition A.

Don’t support a transit agency with an unmatched record of wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars. Vote “no” on Proposition A.

Tom Sullivan

Public Transit Accountability Project