Meramec Bottom driver thanks ‘unselfish’ people who clean up trash

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Here’s a shoutout to the individual(s) who picked up the trash and litter alongside Wells and Meramec Bottoms roads. Thank you very much for your gesture.

As a person who has done this section of road in the past, I can appreciate the time and energy expended to accomplish this task. It seems this stretch of rural South County roadway is traversed by more than its share of uncaring and thoughtless slobs who throw out the trash they don’t want in their cars.

It is not bad enough that this portion of roadway has to be underwater a good portion of the year, we who travel it have to look at the garbage others strew onto its shoulders the rest of the year.

Again, thanks to the unselfish, concerned individual(s) who donated the time and energy to clean up our roadsides.

Bert Juedemann
South County